Saturday, May 29, 2010

#2 Be a LUNAtic...

at Luna Parc! Ok I know what you're thinking. We just started this blog and I'm already making less-than-witty puns that may turn you away. But I’m not worried. You're intrigued.

I first heard about this New Jersey gem through my Art Therapist colleagues--- noting the tedious work, interesting themes, and innovative metalwork / pottery that Ricky Boscarino boasts himself in creating at Luna Parc. After stalking out its website, I realize that this house is the love-child of Edward Scissorhands and the witch from Hansel and Gretel. My blogging counterpart took a look and proceeded to act (creeped out) a little less than excited about joining me for Luna Parc's semi-annual free open house. Needless to say, being an art nerd junkie, I made the drive ALONE *cue boyfriend guilt* to Sandyston, NJ.

After driving through the country side of NJ that I don’t experience enough, I pulled up to see a group of elders you can describe as “artsy fartsy.” You know, the kind that wear purple velvet scarves in the dead middle of summer and antique bird pins. That's when I thought to myself, (should I have listened to Gilly?) maybe Ricky Boscarino is my soulmate!

I felt as though I was walking onto the property as part of a cult. The house was in sight and my eyes resembled lottery balls that haven't stopped spinning before Yolanda Vega (Eyewitness News) can tell us where they're going to stop. I felt Manic, then I felt like barfing, and then I felt like taking pictures. Every bit of it was beautiful. Large tall gates are at the entry, and then a short wooden bridge lined with lit candles. You continue moving along, like a drone, to see what's beyond this outer layer of house. From afar, it looks like artistic chaos, but when you look closely, you really see the true detail that Ricky puts into this place. The mosaics that line stairs and walls are impeccable, the corks and buttons ordered on the kitchen walls are meticulous, and it truly feels like a Wonderland of kitschy odds and ends mixed with an artist who made his vision come to life.

There are parts of the house that are currently being renovated, because as a true artist, Ricky can always find additional projects to create in this place he actually LIVES in. Yes, this man takes his morning coffee in a room where musical instruments and furniture hang upside-down from the ceiling, and he showers on a bed of stones embedded in the center of a large bathroom where teapots create wall fountains over layers and layers of mosaic pieces. In the backyard, sits a fence of crutches, a sculpture of trophies, a hut of twigs, and much more. Oh, and Ricky is a minister able to perform marriage ceremonies on the premises for all you lovebirds out there!

Luckily, this guy's got a real following. Various crews of volunteers assist him with house projects all year and the funding for his creations come from selling his own hand-crafted jewelry and pottery (which are AMAZING). If you're one for pottery, you should visit with a wad of cash because his glazes are absolutely stunning and if I wasn't a pauper when I went to visit (or right now) then I would definitely have gotten my own. I did purchase a ring that I couldn't leave behind, and it was at this point that I had a chat with the man of the hour. Ricky tells me that he loves to create, he just can't stop--- it's his love and his vision, and I can't stop looking.

This is a place that you can visit time and time again, because there are just so many intricate details, that you simply won't be able to see it all with one, two, or even three trips.

I won't tell you more about the house, because you'll have to go and see for yourself, but I will include some pictures so you get a taste. Did I mention that Ricky loves big penises yet? Oh yea, you'll see lots of those!



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