Sunday, July 29, 2012

#6 Go To A Museum

An unexpected pleasure in searching for wedding venues was that I got some VIP access to the Montclair and Newark Art Museums. Ultimately neither were chosen, but I was once again reminded how often NJ gets lost in the shuffle. Yes, some of the best Museums in the world are in New York and Philadelphia, and we’re lucky to live near such wonderful education and culture. Do we take advantage or take for granted? It’s hard enough somestimes to motivate yourself to go to a museum. It’s even harder to gather the energy to cross that damn river. That’s why this is a perfect match… I can now act like an educated snob and find parking!

The Montclair Museum is mostly contemporary artwork, American and Native American art, with traveling exhibitions rotating throughout the year. Due to the museum’s size, it features less collections, but I like a museum that you can walk from room to room without feeling lost or overwhelmed. Also, a $12 ticket offers free parking, a family friendly event, and a location in a great neighborhood with other walkable attractions. In other words, it can be just a part of your day or evening plans.

The Newark Museum is much bigger (in fact, NJ’s largest) and although I love Newark, it’s not exactly downtown so you’ll be making a special trip to visit. The museum’s variety definitely has something for everyone. It offers galleries from around the world, science exhibits in the planetarium, and my personal recommendation, the Victorian Ballantine House (a national historic landmark). Entry here is also reasonable at a modest $10 or less, but unless you park on the street (don’t), you will end up paying for parking as well.

I will no doubt visit the museums above again, even without the a private guided tour L. (Maybe when we renew our vows? ;) )

I can also recommend - Liberty Science Center (Jersey City), Immigration Museum at Ellis Island (yes, it’s in NJ), and The New Jersey Children's Museum (Paramus).
I have never been but would like to visit – New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial (Holmdel), and Thomas A. Edison Museum (Edison)
As radio DJ, I read a commercial for the Heritage Glass Museum (Glassboro) about 1000 times. Yet never went…..


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